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Web Hosting Reviews of Best All Round Hosting Plans


Owning a website is crucial to the success of any business. If that website is presents your business in an informative and attractive way, you will be drawing in tons of traffic, which ultimately converts to sales and of course, the point of any business, profit. However, owning a website means having a company to hosting your site and keeps it up and running continuously.


This also presents another challenge, which is choosing a package that is suitable for you. Different web hosting companies will offer different types of hosting services and on order for you to make a well informed decision when choosing a web host; you need to have all the facts at your disposal. It's worth taking a look at web hosting reviews.


Types of Hosting Services


You will have the option of selecting a shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting or WordPress hosting plan. Now, to make your choice, you will need to know the difference between each of these plans.


Shared hosting as the name suggests, means that you will be sharing the server resources with other website owners that use the same host. This is the most popular and inexpensive option when it comes to web hosting.


Dedicated hosting means that you are in control of an entire server and don't have to share it with other site owners. This gives you various advantages. This hosting plan is therefore more expensive than others.


Virtual private server hosting (VPS) is a mixture of shared and dedicated hosting, so it comes with the advantages and of course the disadvantages of these 2 options. If you are a person who is not technically inclined or with rather have someone else do most of the maintenance on your website, you can opt for managed hosting. This plan gives you access to customer or technical support that will have all website needs taken care of.


Hosting Companies that Offer All Round Packages


Arvixe web hosting offers an unlimited amount of data storage and transfers. You also have the option of a windows or Linux based operating system. The e-commerce tools, proactive customer support, anti-spam software and user friendliness of the website make this hosting service ideal for beginners.


GoDaddy is one of the household names in web hosting. Their helpful customer service, versatile site building tool and integrated emails make this web host a great all round package. GoDaddy combines VPS and dedicated hosting giving you a good all round service.


HostGator offers dedicated hosting, which comes with many advantages. Their service is known to be reliable and when it comes to cost, they offer a range of promotions and discounts, which makes their service even more appealing.


A2 Hosting is a host that specializes in affordable high-speed hosting throughout its various plans and packages. Unlike most other shared services, A2 provides SSD (solid state drive) servers. These are markedly faster than traditional hard drives, and make for a faster website.


DreamHost is another well-known host. When it comes to unlimited storage, data transfers and email, there is no better hosting company. This service is designed for those who are experienced in hosting and would like complete access and freedom with their site. What makes DreamHost very appealing is their flexibility, when it comes to packages. It is recommended for users who have more advanced web hosting requirements.


Reading more web hosting reviews will enable you to make the best hosting choice for your business website.